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          Need Food & Clothing?

Effective Jan 1, 2020 We will no longer be located at 206 S Main St. We will not be accepting food and clothing donations until Further notice!!! 

If you are in need of Food please visit our blessing boxes or contact us we are willing to assist in anyway we can.

DISTRIBUTION HOURS: We will keep you posted on our next distribution day.

Purple Angel Foundation, Inc. is here to help, at this time only Northampton County residents in need of emergency groceries and clothing are welcome to visit the pantry.

Take a minute to fill out the INTAKE FORM, you can email it back to us at or mail it to P.O. Box 114 Seaboard,NC 27876.

What will I receive when I come to the pantry?

What you will receive from the pantry depends on the size of your family. Everyone receives a selection of food & clothing as long as it is available. Households of adults only will also receive a selection of items purchased by or donated to the pantry. This includes shelf stable snacks, juices and water, canned goods, pastas, canned meat, frozen meat, and a selection of donated fresh fruits and vegetables, and bread. If you have children in your household, you will receive a supplemental bag of food that helps to support the needs of your growing children. 

If our guest are in need of clothing we will allow up to 2-4 items per person per visit. 

Do I need to bring anything?

There are some items you'll need to bring when you visit the pantry:


To receive food & clothing you need to bring a photo ID each time you come to the pantry.

Proof of Residence:

On your first visit you will also need to bring something to confirm your Northampton County address.

 Acceptable documentation could be:

  • Piece of mail with your current address

  • Rental or lease agreement

  • Utility bill

  • Another recent document with your current address

Please bring the intake form before or on the day you come to the pantry.  We confirm our regular clients' addresses once a year. Please note that we will keep a copy of the intake form on file for one year.

We also accept referrals from surrounding counties!


We also ask that you bring your own bags. You will need two to four bags depending on the size of your family. We work hard to keep non-food expenses as low as possible in order to provide as much high quality food to our guests as we can. In addition, the pantry works hard to keep waste to a minimum. 

How often can I receive groceries & clothing?

The Food and Clothing Pantry is an emergency resource only. At this time you can receive clothing & food ONCE a month. 

For ongoing help with getting assistance, please call any of these agencies:

  • WIC: 252-534-5841. Support and aid for pregnant and nursing women and young children.

  • Northampton County Food Stamp Office: (252)534-0521. Food purchasing assistance

  • General Assistance: 252-534-5811. Northampton County Social Services, 9588 NC Hwy 305
    Jackson, NC 27845

What if I can't make it to the pantry myself?

Often, clients cannot make it to the pantry themselves due to illness or infirmity. When that happens, you can send a representative to the pantry to pick up food & clothing. We will require the client fill out a form  designating that person as their representative. (Residents 75 and older or with disabilities)

In addition, the representative will need to present his or her own photo ID when picking up food & clothing for the client. If the client misplaces this form before the visit to the pantry, the client can send a signed and dated note stating who their representative will be & family size. If this is the first visit, please send proof of residency.

We require that the representative bring a completed form and their photo ID at the time of each visit.

If you are interested in the delivery of your items, please contact us at 252-589-7777 leave a voicemail with your name, phone number and family size. Although we cannot promise that we can deliver at this time, we may be able to assist soon. (Residents 75 and older or with disabilities)

Where does the pantry get its food & clothing?

Purple Angel Foundation, Inc.'s Clothing & Food Pantry purchase food from the various clothing & grocery stores. The Pantry also receives donations of food & clothing from local grocery stores and individuals in the community and donations.

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