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          General Assistance

Rent, Utility and Food Assistance

Effective August 2024 we will be expanding to Las Vegas NV. In addition to the blessing boxes located in North Carolina 

we are offering the residents of Clark County NV and Northampton County NC. 

* Rental assistance may be available for up to two months of past due rent.

* Financial Assistance

for those who are in need of housing related expenses, including rent, mortgage payments, and utility payments. 

* Food assistance for those in need of emergency food.

If you are in need of Food please visit our blessing boxes in Northampton County NC or contact us we are willing to assist in anyway we can.

DISTRIBUTION HOURS: We will keep you posted on our next distribution days.

Purple Angel Foundation, Inc. is here to help, residents of Northampton County, NC and Clark County NV in need of emergency food, rental and utility assistance. 

Take a minute to fill out the INTAKE FORM, you can email it back to us at or mail it to P.O. Box   Las Vegas, NV 89109


Do I need to bring anything?

There are some items you'll need to bring when you visit the pantry:


To receive food,  rental or utility assistance you must be a resident of Northampton County NC and Clark County NV.

You will need a photo ID that is not expired, copies of eviction notice, late rent letter and bills that you need assistance with and We will review and assist.

Proof of Residence:

On your first visit you will also need to present a lease to confirm you are a resident of Northampton County NC or Clark County NV.

 Acceptable documentation could be:

  • Piece of mail with your current address

  • Rental or lease agreement

  • Utility bill

  • Another recent document with your current address.

Please complete the intake form to present with your bill that you will need assistance with. 

Please note that we will keep a copy of the intake form on file for one year.

How often can I receive assistance?

The food, rental and utility assistance is an emergency resource. At this time you can receive food is once a month, rental and utility assistance twice a year.

For ongoing help with getting assistance, please call any of these agencies:

Northampton County NC

  • WIC: 252-534-5841. Support and aid for pregnant and nursing women and young children.

  • Northampton County Food Stamp Office: (252)534-0521. Food purchasing assistance

  • General Assistance: 252-534-5811. Northampton County Social Services, 9588 NC Hwy 305
    Jackson, NC 27845

Las Vegas NV

Where does Purple Angel Foundation, Inc. get its general assistances funding from?

Purple Angel Foundation, Inc.'s Food, Rental and Utility funds are provided by donors, our sponsors, grants and personal donations from members of the community and the Executive Director.

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