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Our Holiday Wishlist!

Purple Angel Foundation, Inc. 

Food & Clothing Pantry

The pantry is in GREAT NEED of non-perishable foods and personal care items. Our current wish list consist of:

Rice mixes, pasta mixes, (like Rice-a-roni, pasta-roni, etc)

Jell-o/ snacks/ cookies

Crackers of all kind

Stuffing/gravy/peanut butter/jelly

Canned meat (like tuna, beef stew, salmon, chicken, ham)

Canned fruits, vegetables, soup

Sauces & Condiments

Canned or Dried rice & beans

Beverages -shelf stable juices & water

Baby Food

Clothing Wish List

Shoes, pants, shirts (All sizes) for men, women & children

Women's dresses (All sizes)

Coats/hats/socks/ gloves 

Baby wipes/ diapers/ backpacks

Personal Care Items

Soap/ toothpaste/ lotion/ toilet paper/ shampoo 

feminine products & household cleaning products

In this season of giving thanks, help us give back to the community. Imagine how many lives you'll touch with your generosity.


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